Miami design 2020 with Ornamentum gallery

Distinctions. Solo exhibition at Galerie Marzee. 12 Jan - 18 March 2020

Materials and objects are, in a constant flux, in interaction with other materials, objects, bodies and spaces. We might understand a cup, isolated in its own identity, as one cup separated from context. When being activated in dialogue with different contexts this identity shifts.

Between things are agreements that creates conditions for each other`s existence. The table offers its surface to the cup and becomes through this also completed in its identity as table. When the cup is activated by a body it is completely repositioned in relations to space, body and its content. When being filled, grasped and emptied the identity is transformed into the completed idea of a cup.

When a brooch is separated from the body, as the brooches in this exhibition, it is resting, waiting for to become one with the body and through this being completed as a brooch. From being completely separated, in the act of being attached to body, it is clearly defining the distinction between the intimate and public as well as bridging the gap between them.

To fully understand those different states of an object we need to define distinctions between the object and material, space, the activating/activated body and other objects. The work in this exhibition examines those distinctions only to realize how transition formulates new distinctions in a constantly ongoing flux.

MOONLIKE . Gallery So, London.   8 FEBRUARY - 24 MARCH 2019