The way liquid relates to a vessel creates conditions for interesting ways of thinking. The vessel, you could say, is described by the liquid pouring through it. Poured into it through its opening, held by the vessel until it is poured out through its outflow, into perhaps another vessel.  This movement of liquid describes a direction in the space where the liquid, the vessel and the user all cooperate and create a sort of everyday choreography.

A lake could also be described as a vessel. Depending on how it is positioned in relation to ground level, water pours into it or flows out of it , mostly both. This jug investigates the pouring movement out of those thoughts about the lake. If you hold the silicone spout over a glass or a cup, no liquid will emerge as long as you hold the jug beneath the level of the cup. When you lift the jug the liquid starts to flow more, depending on how high you lift it.