Artist statement


Functional objects are keeping the images of ourselves as users of them and humans. A drinking glass has been shaped out from the need to grasp and lift it, from the shape of our mouths as well as from the amount of fluid we drink in one moment. The glass has, in this perspective, a direct relationship to our body and its´ proportions. But this glass has also in a recurrent and widespread use been loaded with more metaphorical and, on another level, emotional meanings.
All this use, going on in everyone's daily life, and so has done since the appearence of the first artefacts, has also loaded them with our ideas about them. The functional objects thus carries the traces of human identity that we might only see there. In everyday use, something going on in everyones daily life, these values ​​are developed and give us back the image of ourselves. When we drink, we make it from one vessel and let the liquid beeing transported to a another - ourselves. An event in silence, where the glass included in this gives us the liquid which, with its cool, is drawing the the internal image of ourselves. In my work I`m trying to reveal those layers of everyday life use in purpose  to show upon something which is otherwise hidden under a blanket of daily habitual actions. 

I have in my work, as a silversmith, found an amount of different values ​​in everyday use and the actions included in this. The kind of values ​​I want to show upon is something constructing an inner structure of everyones daily life even though the user can vary depending on class, gender, culture, age, etc. What I`m trying to describe is something that everyone is aware of even if we´re not mentioning it or give it no space in a time when the consumption of the thing is given a value greater than the using of it. 
My belief is that in the everyday is stories created about us, which may not always be possible, or for that matter necessary, to put into words, but which could give us something if we were present in our actions and not just saw them as a transport into the next phase of the day. 

My work deals with issues such as those out from those I´m describing a situation where user, room and object are elements in a story that hopefully can say something significant about our time.



Anders Ljungberg




89-94 National college of arts and Design Konstfack, Stockholm. Metal Department

88-89 Nyckelviksskolan


Selected collective exhibitions

-22 Ornamentum 20 years anniversary. Ornamentum gallery. Hudson

-22 Extended Family. Initiated by HDK Steneby. Munich Jewllery week. 

-21 Design Miami. Ornamentum Gallery

-21 Salon. Ornamentum galley.  Art and design . New York

-20 Up in smoke, Ornamentum Gallery, Design Miami

-19 Moonlike . Gallery So, London

-19 Marzee 40 years anniversary

-12-15 Collect, London. galerie Marzee och Galerie Rose- 

       Marie Jäger

-15 Ten years with silver. Galleri Montan. Copenhagen

-15 Body Alchemy – the Hangzhou Contemporary 

       International Jewelry and Metal Art  

-15 Crafted. Objects in lux. Museum of fine arts. Boston

-14 Attention Craft.Liljevalchs konsthall. Stockholm

-14 Taste contemporary craft. Geneva. Switzerland

-13 Keeping up with the times. Galerie Rose Marie Jäger. 

-13 Beijing International Contemporary Metal Art 

-13 Nutida Svenskt Silver 50 years anniversary at 

      Hallwylska. Stockholm (as artist+curator)

-12 8 from Sweden. Galleri Montan. Copenhagen, Danmark

-12 Annivesary exhibition 10 years. Nääs Konsthantverk

-12 Schonhooven silver award 2012. Netherlands

-12 Mirrors and candles. Sophie Lachaert. Belgium

-11 Swedish Contemporary Craft art. Seoul national cultural centre, Korea

-11 Design & Konsthantverkbiennal, Kolding 2011 (special invited)

-10 Galleri Montan, CopenhagenKöpenhamn. Kander

-09 Kulturhuset Stockholm Sakernas tillstånd.

-08 Flow Gallery. London. Just Swedish

-08 Gravity.Gustavsbergs Konsthall.

-07 Func art. Gallery Drud & Koppe, Copenhagen.

-06-08 Silber triennale, Germany

-05 Gallery Norsu, Helsinki. Lysande,

-05 National museum, Stockholm. Konceptdesign

-04 Crafts council London.Beauty and the beast

-04 London museum. Designed in Sweden, London


Solo exhibitions

-22 Distinktioner. Galleri Sebastian Schildt. Stockholm

-19 Distinctions.Galerie Marzee

-17 Mellanting, Konsthantverkarna, Stockholm

-15 What is not. Galerie Rose-Marie Jäger. Germany (with David Clarke)

-12 Galerie Marzee. Orna Mental.

-11 Nutida Svenskt SilverOrna Mental.

-09 Trans Form Nääs konsthatverk, Nääs

-08 Nutida Svenskt Silver. Trans Form.

-08 Galerie Marzee, Transform

-06 Nutida Svenskt silver, Positioner

-05 Gallerie Marzee, Objects

-03 Nutida svenskt Silver, Formuleringar

-00 Nutida svenskt Silver, Saker

-00 Nutida svenskt Silver, In absence of a body

-98 Nutida svenskt Silver, Corpus

-96 Galleri Metallum, Jewellery objects




-Kunstindustrimuseet, Oslo

-Marzee collection. Nijmegen, Netehrlands

-Rööhska museet, Gothenburg

-Nationalmuseum, Stockholm

-Engelbrecktskyrkan, Stockholm

-Nordiska Museet, Stockholm

-HKH Konung Carl XVI Gustav (Royal collection Stockholm)


Grants and prices

-10 Konstnärsnämnden. 2 years grant

-05 Konstnarsnamnden. 2 years grant

-03 Landstingets Kulturstipendium

-03 Marianne och Sigvard Bernadottes kulturstipendium

-00 Bengt Juhlins Konsthantverksstipendium

-99 Konstnarsnamnden. 1 yer grant



Differents projects for Boda nova / Iittala, Belysningsbolaget, Nola , Skultuna, Gense, Ikea


Publications/Artistic research

-03 Formuleringar – människan, rummet,tingen: 2003. Carlssons. Stockholm

-09 Det emotionella brukandet. Ku-projekt. Konstfack 2009

-15 Re-Public jewellery. Oslo national academy of the arts

-18 MATERIAL PERCEPTIONS, Documents on Contemporary Crafts No. 5. , Norwegian crafts



16-      Professor at Konstfack, CRAFT!/Ädellab, Stockholm

14-15  Professor and head of department. Oslo national academy of the arts, metal and jewellery art, Oslo

00-10  Senior  Lecturer in Corpus at National college of art and design,Konstfack, Ädellab

95-      Lecturer in different occations inSweden and abroad (USA, SouthKorea, China, England,  Germany, Holland,

           Denmark, Norway, Belfium …)                 

-06      Guest Professor. Rhode Island School of art. Winter session.

00-14  Guest teacher at Beckmans School of design,HDK (Stenebyskolan), Konstfack (metal + Cheramic and glass

06-14  Opponent at Beckmans school of design, Konstfack (Ädellab) and HDK (Steneby järn och stål)


Expert advisor/Jury 

- 22    Jury member, Amberif design award

- 20    Jury member, Francoise van den Bosch award

- 20    Jury member , Design S

-18     Jury member , Design S

- 18-   Board member THE SWEDISH CRAFTS CENTRE, Konsthantvekcentrum

-13     Beijing International Contemporary Metal Art Exhibition. Jury

10-15 Expert advisor in employments at Konstfack(-15) och HDK, Göteborg (-09) and

          Stenebyskolan (-14)

09-14 Granskningsrådet Nutida Svenskt Silver

10-     Application board KIF (asscociation for industrial design and Craft. Sweden)

-09     Biennalen for Kunsthåndværk og Design 2009. Kolding. Censor/Jury

02-04 Expert advisor, Konstnarsnamnden 02-04

05-06 Expert advisor Ciltural board Stockholms stad. Stockholm